Should a Woman be in Public Ministry? ( A 3-Part Series) -Introduction

Should a Woman be in Public Ministry? ( A 3-Part Series)


An Excerpt from my upcoming book,

Married, Successful & Embracing Life: A Godly Woman’s  place in a changing world.


I once heard a Man of God say that one of the reasons he does not doubt that God loves him is that God gave him his wife. A gift he appreciates very much. As nice as that sounds, it does not compare to the love and honour for the woman displayed by God throughout scripture. I can find scattered throughout scripture not only the woman as a gift but also how much God loves her by how he made her and the provisions he made for her. I call it God’s insurance policy for women. In various ways, God has through his word, put in place security systems to protect the woman.


Unfortunately due to the nature of the world we live in, it’s cultures, dominant lifestyles and philosophies, God’s ‘insurance policy’ for women has been made to look more like a prison sentence from which she cannot escape. In fact, there are those who use the scriptures to do the exact opposite of what they were intended to do as far as women are concerned, leading to all forms of undermining, abusive and legalistic tendencies which become stumbling blocks to a woman’s ability to express her God given potentials particularly in any field outside the home.


It is often those who are meant to be the guardians of her inheritance and the executers of God’s Insurance policy for her who undermine her the most. The enemy has often successfully used this strategy to ensure that the giftings and potentials embedded in women cannot be freely expressed without struggle, warfare and disorder.


God is waking up women all over the world to this fact and with prayer and wisdom they are beginning to take their places as appropriately as God intended them to.


One of the divisive issues facing the Christian woman particular is the issue of whether the word of God allows her to be in public Christian leadership / ministry or not. The fundamental question is, should a woman teach or speak in the church? Does the bible not say, women should not speak in the church? This question hinges on the relationship between men and women and whether or not gender should be the criterion for christian public  roles as the question seems to suggest.


Let’s not do a superficial work in answering this question. This will be an in depth three part scriptural discussion of the issue starting from the very beginning of creation.  You will not regret spending the time to read it.